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Evelin Stone and Kenzie Reeves are the most popular girls in their school. Which is why they get so much attention, always leading them to get into trouble with their bad attitudes and is why they have detention later that day. These women have big egos and know how much power they have over everyone they meet. On their way to detention one day, they are approached by two fuck boys from their school who are trying to be cool, hitting on the girls. The boys continue to hit on the girls later in detention. Both women decide to use their feminine powers to enslave the two fuck boys, and decide when the teacher leaves the room, they tell the boys that they can fuck them. There is a catch, they must prove themselves by using the dildos the girls have, which will be strapped to their faces. They decide to train those two boys to pleasure them humiliating them at the same time.

Video pubblicato il 5 November 2020